How to Post Cannabis Products on Social Media Without Getting Flagged

If you’re a cannabis marketer, manager, or owner you’re probably wondering why your Instagram and Facebook posts keep getting flagged, but your competition seems to be breaking the rules often. It is recommended that you don’t post cannabis products on Meta platforms at all to make sure your account status is not compromised. 

It is against the community guidelines to post cannabis or promote the sale of cannabis. It can be extremely difficult to navigate the strict regulations and grow your brand’s account. Consider Instagram alternatives that will help you achieve your marketing goals and directly impact cannabis sales.  

Why Your Competitors Can Post Products

Although many accounts are able to post cannabis products without losing their account, it is not all that it seems. Cannabis brands that are posting cannabis products are most likely getting shadow banned. This means the post will not be taken down off the platform, but the account status is still compromised meaning the post will not be featured in the explore or reels section of the platform. This is a huge issue if you’re looking to grow followers organically on the platform. Only your followers can see your shadow banned content. Users you’re looking to convert into new followers can not see the content on their main feeds. They will have to search your profile and find the post to view or interact with it. 

Cannabis accounts that focus on product content are forced to use other channels to grow their Instagram and Facebook accounts. You will notice that the follower count and engagement will grow much slower than an account that focuses on cannabis content that is compliant with the community guidelines. 

Best Practices For Cannabis Brand Accounts 

When you are creating any post for social media that is involved with a cannabis brand it is wise to make sure you’re Including the following disclaimers: . 

  • This content is for Adults 21+. By following this page or interacting with the content published on this page you are consenting that you meet the age requirements. 
  • Educational purposes only: All content on this page is created with the intent to educate users.
  • Nothing is for Sale (NFS) None of the content published on this account is intended to promote the sale of controlled substances. 

These disclaimers are good to have on every single post; however, they do not protect your content from being flagged, shadow banned, or taken down. 

Final Thoughts 

Stop trying to sell cannabis on social media. Use instagram as a place to show off your brand in a way that allows your fanbase to connect and resonate with your story. Instagram must act as a lead generator for converting digital marketing channels like your website, email campaign, and blog. 

If you’re struggling to manage your cannabis social media accounts and are looking for a solution to keep your accounts safe, then you should consider adding a team of cannabis marketing compliant specialists to your digital marketing team. Dagga Digital Marketing can help you take your brand to the next level online, and make sure your accounts are compliant along the way. Don’t risk years of hard work and effort. Take steps to ensure your social media accounts are protected while you grow cyber roots.