Curbside Pickup image with brown bags in the back of a car with a sign that says "Curbside pickup" laying against the bags

How to Increase Dispensary Curbside Sales With Digital Marketing

Impact of curbside service 

The covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the cannabis retail industry. Two powerful services were adopted by many dispensaries across the country – curbside pickup and delivery. Now that things are going back to normal dispensary owners should look to increase curbside and delivery sales with digital marketing strategies. Incorporating a solid digital marketing strategy for these additional services will yield great results for cannabis marketers. 

In response to COVID-19, 79 percent of cannabis companies offered curbside pickup, 64 percent offered delivery and 43 percent increased their focus on digital marketing and e-commerce, according to a 2020 survey of 39 cannabis companies by Vangst, a talent resource for more than 1,000 cannabis companies across the U.S.  Dagga has provided 5 ways to maximize these services. Optimize user experience, have strong SEO, leverage email marketing, and utilize in store displays to remind customers about the online orders. 

Why offer Curbside and delivery?

Provision centers save time, money, and labor with curbside and delivery because increased online traffic can space out in store foot traffic. For example if a shop that sees 100 customers a day can split that foot traffic up between in store traffic (50) and curbside traffic (50), then less staff is necessary during each shift. Customers’ experience improves due to shorter wait times, and longer personal 1 on 1 budtender sessions. The dispensary vibe should not feel transactional. 

Online orders can reach a larger audience, so shops located near state lines will benefit immensely. If we were to continue with the example above. Let’s say that the same shop with 100 customers per day, put energy into their digital marketing efforts, then the likely outcome would be an increase in both forms of traffic: 400 online pickup and 200 in store. In this example the company would have to have systems in place and the scale to handle the increase. 

Brands should constantly ask the question. “Is our website increasing our revenue?” 

Website User Experience 

Does your website make you money? Over 50% of e-commerce transactions are completed on a mobile device. It is extremely important that provision centers update and optimize their mobile version of their website. Customers are less likely to place an online order on a platform that is not user friendly. Websites must be visually appealing and smooth in order to increase conversion rates. Make it as easy as possible to view the menu and place an order. It is also good to give customers pick up directions after the order is placed. Engage online shoppers with a beautiful yet simple menu interface to improve user experience. 

Strong SEO

Dispensaries must rank on page 1 for keywords like “cannabis delivery near me” and “cannabis curbside pickup” on google search engine results page. This will significantly boost curbside and delivery sales for any dispensary. It’s important that cannabis companies create content that is focused on educating customers about the services they provide. Create a newsletter or blog post on how to place an online order for curbside or delivery. Focus on improving SEO and it will yield higher traffic overall and maximize online sales. 

Leverage Email Marketing

The most successful digital marketing strategy is email marketing. Cannabis companies should use their email list to promote curbside and delivery services in their weekly newsletters. If SMS messages work better for a particular retail location it is wise to send reminders and updates through that channel as well. The data can be collected from A and B testing. Customers are more likely to order online if they are reminded that the service exists. Brands can also give instructions on how to place online orders via email and SMS text messaging. Email marketing and SEO campaigns tend to produce higher results when utilized simultaneously. 

Curbside and Delivery Deals 

Offer special deals for customers who utilize curbside and delivery services. Giving special discounts can encourage anyone to order online. Brands should also leverage merch giveaways to persuade customers to shop online. This is a simple way to increase qualified traffic to your website which will result in a sale. 

In store Displays 

It’s important to constantly remind stoners about anything. Displaying an engaging graphic that encourages customers to use curbside and delivery will ignite online sales. Remember to train budtenders to explain how the service works, invite customers to ask questions about curbside so that they become comfortable with it. Adding a small card with a QR code to  linktree is a great way to drive traffic to digital platforms, where brands can promote curbside and delivery. 

Update WeedMaps and Leafly 

WeedMaps and leafly report 110 million users combined.. Keeping both accounts up to date with the curbside and delivery information is critical to a dispensary. Use A-C testing to understand which channel converts the most.  Every customer has their favorite way to order. Offer a variety of options to improve the rapport with the customer. They trust brands that are willing to go the extra mile for their customers’ comfort. 

Know the regs

Cannabis brands must be aware of the state they operate in. Make sure that it’s legal to do curbside, in store pickup, or delivery before implementing ecommerce to the company website. 


Cannabis dispensaries should take advantage of ecommerce if it is allowed under their state cannabis program. The best way to maximize digital platforms and increase conversion rates is to combine digital marketing with traditional strategies. Focus on website design and use a multi-channel approach to optimize the site. Implement in store strategies like graphic displays and discounts to help drive the customer to your website. This strategy can be challenging and costly for small inhouse marketing teams. Consider outsourcing some of the work to a digital marketing agency