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Don’t Post Weed On Instagram: 9 Cannabis Instagram Ideas

Instagram is not a cannabis friendly platform. It can be very complicated to say the least, for cannabis marketers to post constant cannabis content on Instagram, while remaining compliant with their community guidelines. One of the most challenging aspects of creating cannabis instagram content is determining what to post.

Types of Cannabis Instagram Post To Focus On

Video is king! Instagram started off as a photo centered platform, but it has transitioned into a video focused digital platform. 2 billion people interact with instagram reels per month – cannabis instagram marketing campaigns should be 85% reels, carousels, and stories. Reels give your content the most visibility because the instagram main feed is not the main attraction any longer. Videos have far more engagement than still photos and reels have exploded with popularity since the emergence of Tik-tok. 

Carousels  Promote interaction with your content. It’s far more engaging than looking at a static image. You want customers to scroll with your content, not away from it. 

Stories – Allow your fans and followers to spread the love.. It’s sketchy to post cannabis products on Instagram, but reposting it to your story lowers the risk of the account getting flagged.One third (1/3) of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses. 

Informational Cannabis Carousels 

Cannabis brands are responsible for the education of their customers. There is a lot of bad cannabis information out there, and it is essential for success to establish themselves as an authority on the topic. Carousels are a great way to get increased engagement on a cannabis IG post. Videos or animated slides are great ways to connect with your instagram followers. 

Example: Ubaked ( does a great job using strain callouts to inform their followers about the genetics they are growing. 

Target Cannabis Lifestyle 

Who is your ideal customer persona (ICP)? Create content that your target audience likes to do while partaking. Show the cannabis experience that your ideal customers live every day. Consider these questions: 

  1. What music do they listen to too? 
  1. What is their favorite snack when they have the munchies? 
  1. What movies and TV shows do they like to watch while high?
  1. What social activities do your customers engage in when they are using your products? 

This content can sometimes require additional resources and planning to execute, but the quality of the content will only increase your engagement and following. 

Example: Jars Cannabis (@jars_life) only posts cannabis  lifestyle content that feature activities like off roading Skiing, skateboarding, and just hanging out session. 

Cannabis Merch and Clothing  

Selling branded items that are associated with your brand’s story or products can be a great way to avoid cannabis red flags on instagram. Put the focus into an additional revenue stream that will drive traffic to your branded website. Clothing gives you a lot of flexibility and content options. Fashion allows your IDP to resonate with your brand. Invest in high quality merchandise and push it on social media. It’s the best way to engage your followers. 

Example: Cookies is the biggest cannabis brand on earth, and cannabis is not the most popular element of the brand. Cookies clothing has an amazing platform and complex omni-channel digital marketing strategy. Consider locking in on something other than cannabis and you might just create an additional revenue opportunity. 

Stoner Memes 

Memes are a huge part of social media. Stoner memes are an important piece of stoner culture. Memes are a great option for your cannabis instagram page, because it invites the right crowd. These posts don’t even have to be original, but it’s always great to give credit to the account they are reposting from. If you’re looking for some variety and a funny way to switch up your content and add variety consider using memes. 

Example: Zip Cannabis (@zipscannabis420) 

Customer Spotlights 

Regular customers keep the ship moving. You can always count on them to come in for their weekly, or even daily reup. Find a regular customer that comes in often, Snap a photo of them with their new order and post it on your instagram account. Don’t forget to tag their account as well. Customers love to feel appreciated. Give your special guest an opportunity to shine. Positive PR that gives you content to post. 


Staff Spotlights  

People buy from people not brands or companies. Cannabis brands should highlight their staff members to humanize the brand. Customers can connect to faces that operate the business better than a IG page full of products and logos. Shining a spotlight on your team will not only give you great content for your post, but It will increase the morale and work culture at your cannabis business. 

Example: Freshy Fine cannabis (@freshyfine) does a great job of highlighting staff members  

Featured Testimonials 

Hyping up the customer experience and getting their feedback to share with your target audience can be very impactful on other customers’ decisions.Highlighting a positive review on instagram is not the same as a customer spotlight. The focus is entirely on the product or service that the customer has hands-on experience with. Building trust and positive PR is important for bands to stand out from the crowd. Share your 5 star reviews on IG. If you can get a video snapshot of the review the content will be even more dynamic and engaging. 


Cannabis Art 

Cannabis fans are familiar with the creative benefits that cannabis can have on the mind. Art is a huge part of cannabis culture, and instagram is a huge platform for artists to share their work. There are 4 ways to get into posting cannabis art on your instagram page: 

  • Create your own custom art in house and use it for your instagram account. 
  • Hire a team member who has artistic abilities and is willing to share their art on your brand’s instagram account. 
  • Collaborate with artists from all over the world and create a deal where both parties benefit from the partnership. 
  • Repost and give credit to artists who are creating and posting on Instagram. 


Push Your Branded Cannabis Website 

One of the most important things a cannabis company can do is use instagram to drive traffic directly to their branded website. This is the hub for all of your unfiltered cannabis information, and the only place for you to impact sales and revenue growth. Instagram and other social media platforms are seen as more important than websites in some cannabis business circles; however, social media is not killing websites in all honesty. The truth is that for cannabis social media can act as a lead generation tool, or an informational hub. No sales happen on the platform, so therefore it is not more important than your cannabis website. 


Does Your Brand Need Assistance Staying Compliant on Instagram and Facebook?

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