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Website Optimization

Create a user-friendly website that has your embedded iframe menu Increase your dispensary's e-commerce website visibility with cannabis SEO content strategy.


of global internet users have purchased products online. (OptinMonster)

Content Optimization

Build a relationship with your customers by creating engaging content via blogs, videos, graphic design, and social media. Use influencer marketing to expand your cannabis brand's reach. Become the source of cannabis knowledge to increase your product sales by establishing a connection with your fanbase.

Tell your cannabis brand's story with lifestyle content to increase your brand awareness. Resonate with your audience by telling cannabis stories they can relate to.

People are
more likely to share video content than any other type of content. (HubSpot)

Sales Optimization

Maximize your online sales funnel. Send your uncensored message directly to your customers with email marketing and text message marketing. We use powerful tools like Alpine IQ and Sprout to manage your customer retention.

Utilize offline channels like live events, vendor days, and on-site celebrations to connect with cannabis customers. Impact your customers' purchasing decisions by interacting with them from multiple touch points. Our brand ambassadors rep your brand and drive traffic to your digital marketing platforms.

percent of consumers say email is their preferred digital channel for business communication. (Constant Contact)


Branded cannabis websites are the centerpiece of our omni-channel strategy: 

  • Website Design: Tell your cannabis company’s unfiltered story so your brand resonates with your ideal customers. Our team will build you a beautifully designed website that leaves an impact on your customers. 
  • UX Design: Create an experience your customers will remember and return for years to come. Remove all barriers from your customer’s journey to increase conversions on your website. 
  • Search Engine Optimization: Our team Increases your cannabis brand’s visibility online by improving your ranking on search engine platforms. Increase your revenue by driving qualified customers to your website who are ready to buy cannabis products from your location.

Content creation is the most effective way to engage and connect with your customers: 

  • Blog Marketing: Inform your audience about cannabis products, delivery methods, strains, and best practices. You can also entertain your customers by creating blogs around cannabis lifestyle. Blogs warm your leads up and drive them down your sales funnel. 
  • Graphic Design: Customize your cannabis brand’s appearance to better tell your story. Our design team can create a brand kit for your cannabis business: logos, email templates, banners, business cards, digital menus, and more. 
  • Video Content: Video is king. Grow your following on social media, increase your blog views, and improve your email open rates by incorporating video. Our team specializes in creating compelling visual content that will make your content more dynamic. 
  • Thought Leadership: Experts have a huge impact on your audience. Dagga shines the spotlight on leaders in your organization. Give insights that will improve your public perception and allow your audience to know where you stand on cannabis topics. 
  • Influencer Marketing: Use micro followings to your advantage and connect with influencers that will sponsor your social media post, products, and live events. Influencers can bring more eyeballs to your cannabis brand. 
  • Social Media Marketing: Our cannabis social media managers make sure your account stays compliant with the platform guidelines. Social media is great to increase brand awareness and drive traffic into your sales funnel. Build your fanbase online!

Unclog the knicks in your sales funnel and increase your revenue by maximizing your branding efforts.  

  • Linkedin Lead Generation: Our experts utilize software that optimizes and automates your sales process on linkedin to drive more sales for your business. Connect with your peers and establish partnerships and opportunities within the cannabis space using Linkedin. 


  • Reputation Management: Dagga manages your digital PR by responding to comments and reviews. Run a review campaign to increase the number of testimonials for your cannabis business. 


  • Video Outreach: Utilize the spearing method in your b2b process  to engage new cannabis prospects and stand out from the competition. Our experts help your sales team increase your closing rates with personalized video outreach. 


  • Email Marketing: Widely known as the most effective digital marketing channel. Email marketing will allow you to directly promote your products to your customers with uncensored advertising. Our team utilizes AlpineIQ to create effective campaigns that generate repeat revenue from your customers.  


  • SMS Text Message Marketing: Text messages in the cannabis space are risky and have extreme compliance barriers, so our cannabis marketing experts use AlpineIQ to ensure that your text campaigns are effective and compliant with telecommunication entities. 


  • Geofencing: Dagga is able to use deviceID to send direct messages to devices that enter a geographical location that is set up by our experts. Our team makes sure your campaign remains compliant with your state laws and regulations. 


  • Retargeting Ads: Advertise your cannabis brand on cannabis friendly websites to drive sales on your website. Utilize PPC and social media advertisements. Ancillary companies can get away with restricted advertising that licensed operators cannot.
  • Live Events: Our marketing coordinators plan and organize events for your brand to host or participate in. Trade shows, vendor days, grand openings, and festivals will help you connect with your target audience and collect customer data.

We encourage our clients not to post THC products on Instagram or Facebook directly. Instead, we focus on creating educational content and lifestyle content that will inform and resonate with cannabis customers. Video and interaction is the most engaging form of content so we put 90% of our efforts into short form video and carousels.

Our brand optimization specialists are required to understand all the community guidelines for digital platforms surrounding cannabis compliance. We continue to stay up to date with your state’s cannabis marketing code.

No, We work with cannabis cultivators, processors, and dispensaries. Cannabis brands without retail have to be creative to connect with the end customer.

Our live event plans start at $350 per month plus labor for the brand reps to work each event.

We are able to work with most cannabis specific software tools. The goal is not to change your system, but to maximize it.

Check out our General FAQ page for more information and questions about our strategy, services, pricing, and client portal.
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