Cannabis on Instagram is Dead: Alternative Cannabis Marketing Channels

Cannabis marketers are looking for solutions to navigate Instagram marketing. Harsh regulation and compliance guidelines make it difficult to promote cannabis brands. 

3 Alternative Cannabis Marketing Channels

Cannabis brands focus most of their digital marketing efforts on social media. Instagram and Facebook have a variety of compliance limitations, so why do cannabis business owners and cannabis marketers want to focus their time, money, and energy on risky channels? There are social media alternatives that cannabis marketers should use in order to improve brand visibility, improve customers retention, and increase sales. 

If your looking to expand your reach and brand awareness online, then target your efforts on these 3 cannabis marketing channels: 

  • Reputation Management 
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Email Marketing / SMS Text Marketing 

Following best cannabis social media marketing practices can help you avoid account flags, shadow bans, and account termination. Cannabis social media marketing has to be used in combination with the other digital marketing channels, so taking the steps to protect your account will be key to your success. 

Cannabis Reputation Management: 

Reviews and Testimonials help your cannabis brand establish trust with customers. Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Weedmaps reviews will have the most impact on cannabis customer’s decisions. Adding this element to your cannabis website’s sales funnel will increase your brand’s credibility. New customers care about how many 5 star reviews you have, not how many IG followers and likes you have. Posting weekly testimonials on your instagram and Facebook accounts give you safe content to post, and It has a greater impact than the image of your best vape cart. 

Press releases are another effective strategy that falls under reputation management. You can use media outlets to better promote your brand and bring credible awareness to your brand. These press releases can also provide great SEO boots for your cannabis business as well.

Leverage Cannabis SEO 

Cannabis SEO is one of the most effective digital marketing channels because it allows marketers to get into the psyche of cannabis customers. SEO can give you a better understanding of what customers are interested in. SEO content creation is centered around blog marketing, so cannabis SEO can play a key role in helping your dispensary or cannabis brand establish authority on cannabis subjects. It is critical for cannabis companies to provide their customers with adequate cannabis knowledge and information. Answering the burning questions gives your brand the power to drive qualified leads to your website where they can receive your unfiltered messaging. These leads have a very high conversion rate compared to social media leads. 

Cannabis Email Marketing and SMS Text Messaging 

Customer retention is extremely important to cannabis businesses, especially highly competitive recreational markets. Optimize your cannabis loyalty program with email marketing and SMS text message marketing. Your loyalty program is the best way to send promotions and deals to your target customers. Social media marketing is a great way to drive traffic to your loyalty program sign-up. 

Connecting with your customers on a personal level is important for growth. Social media is censored, and many email platforms are as well, however you can use cannabis friend email tools like Alpine IQ that will let you send unfiltered messaging to your audience. Many marketing specialists consider email marketing the most effective digital marketing channel. 

Non Organic Alternatives 

Dagga recommends focusing on an organic marketing campaign to grow your business online; however there are other paid methods that are emerging in the cannabis industry that you might want to take full advantage of: 

Cannabis Geofencing

Geofencing is a newer digital marketing strategy that allows brands to connect with potential customers by sending them targeted messaging using device ID technology. Users who have their location settings toggled on and accept the service agreement of big tech companies like Facebook or Google are allowing their data to be traded to advertisers. Device ID allows marketers to set up geographical locations that target any device that enters the set radius. For example a dispensary can set up a geofence in the parking lot of their biggest competitor and send promo deals directly to any device that enters the parking lot. This can be used in many creative ways to effectively incentivise customers to come shop for your products. 

Retargeted Display Ads

If you are under the impression that cannabis companies cannot partake in paid advertising, then that source did not provide the complete truth on the matter. Google and Meta advertising campaigns are outside the scope of what cannabis companies can do; however, There are select cannabis friendly websites that will allow cannabis ads to be ran on their domains. Putting a collection of website domains together who allow this is the biggest challenge, but agencies like Dagga Digital Marketing have the connections and ability to help cannabis brands target their audience with display banner ads that redirect traffic back to their cannabis site. 

Twitter Advertisements

There have been a lot of changes at Twitter. Elon Musk has a goal of increasing ad revenue, so Twitter announced that they are going to start allowing licensed facilities to launch advertising campaigns on the platform. Twitter does not have an enormous cannabis following, but this might change as the platform becomes more cannabis friendly. Cannabis brands should start preparing for the new changes to come.  

Cannabis Instagram Conclusion 

Cannabis brands who want to use Instagram to increase their brand awareness, visibility and engage with their target audience can do so by following best practices and creating content that is not product or selling focused. Social media plays a huge role in omni-channel digital marketing campaigns; however, it is important to remember how complicated and risky the different platforms can be. Using other platforms and marketing channels in combination with social media gives your cannabis brand the best chance to grow and scale your business online. 

Cannabis Instagram Compliance Service

Dagga Digital Marketing is a one stop shop for all of your cannabis branding needs. We are a brand optimization agency that uses an omni-channel  digital marketing approach to take your brand to the next level. We specialize in helping cannabis and CBD brands establish market authority to leverage for additional revenue growth opportunities and to cultivate exclusive partnerships. 

Our team of cannabis social media experts take pride in making sure your instagram accounts remain compliant with the regulations and guidelines. We aim to promote growth with a variety of methods without compromising your following. 

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