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Mission Statement

Dagga Digital Marketing is dedicated to the destigmatization of the cannabis plant.


Dagga’s foundation is predicted on using education, data, technology, and media to expand the overall knowledge of cannabis medicine, lifestyle, and business in a creative way. 


Created to develop the cannabis industry with brand optimization because the most credible source of cannabis information comes from the experts. 


We believe growing cyber roots for cannabis brands is the most effective way to help them establish market authority. Our clients are able to leverage that authority to generate additional revenue opportunities and scale their business.

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Dagga's Story


Dagga Digital Marketing is a brand built from the love and appreciation for the cannabis plant. The cannabis industry has two major problems: first, it's federally illegal due to the negative stigma surrounding THC. Secondly, the regulation of legal cannabis has hindered companies' ability to conduct business normally. Marketing is one of the business sectors that is most impacted by bias limitations. Dagga embraces those challenges, and aims to hurdle both obstacles.


Dagga utilizes a comprehensive marketing strategy to help our clients grow their business to new heights by applying organic or paid digital marketing techniques. Dagga integrates cannabis into the digital world for our clients. This modern approach elevates our client's business to infinite highs. Our clients' success is a win for the cannabis industry because it perpetuates the destigmatization and normalization of the divine plant.