6 Ways To Piss Off Cannabis Customers

Does Your Dispensary Have Good Vibes?

The dispensary experience can be very memorable for cannabis users or it can be filled with disappointment. Besides the normal retail problems like poor customer service, bad music choice, false advertising, gimmicky sales tactics, and rebate issues dispensaries have exclusive customer complaints. Does your cannabis store have good vibes? 7 major ways to make cannabis customers angry. 

Long Wait Times 

Nothing kills the mood of a person who is ready to shop for weed than long wait times. Consumers across the board in all industries are used to instant gratification, so they are extremely impatient. Make sure your dispensary has a smooth system that helps customers get in and out. Remember to train the budtenders to try to control the past of the customer traffic. Your customers will likely leave positive reviews for you if you send them a remainder after their purchase. 

Slow loading time on your dispensary website will also annoy your customers. They are likely to leave your site and shop with your competition if the user experience is not optimized. Seed up the process of ordering online by making the interface easy for your customers to shop on. Remember to enhance the performance of your website by compressing media files and removing media that does not aid conversion rates. Focus on your mobile site because most of your customers are shopping on the mobile version of the website. 

Impation Budtenders

We just noted that budtenders have control over the pasted and flow of the customer traffic in a dispensary. One way to tick customers off is to rush them and ignore their problems. If your team is not tentative to the customers they will likely have a bad experience at your cannabis shop. Make sure that you are providing an experience that feels interpersonal so that your customers come back and shop with you again. 

Encourage your customers to check out the menu before they come into the shop so that they can form a list of questions for the bundtenders. Having an idea of what is available will help them come to a decision in a timely manner, and your budtender can work more efficiently at solving the customer’s problems. 

Menu Issues (Outdated and Poorly Displayed)

Digital menu displays are a staple in dispensaries all over the United States. Most recreational and medical cannabis shops have these menus in their lobbies, budrooms, and even outside the building in some markets. If your cannabis shop has a menu displayed  it is important to keep the menu updated and in sync with the inventory on hand. Displays that have layout issues can also cause unnecessary confusion for your customers. There is an argument that can be made that the menus don’t really enhance the customer experience, but some customers prefer to select their products from the displayed menu. 

Expensive ATM Fees

Cannabis still is federally illegal, the majority of cannabis companies cannot take debit or credit payments. Every transaction in the cannabis space is cash, but most consumers don’t bring cash when they shop, so ATMs have become a staple in the cannabis retail space. Cannabis customers are not fans of high ATM fees. Shops that keep the fees low can expect customers to be pleased, and might even get a positive google review out of it. With all of the operating fees that come with running a cannabis business I understand why it can be tempting to charge a sizable ATM fee. It’s important to consider how your customers feel about the additional charges. 

Broken Vape Carts

Dispensaries don’t have control over vape cart hardwear quality, but they do experience the kick back from unsatisfied customers. Carts are extremely inconsistent even from the biggest brands in the industry. It is the cannabis product with the most complaints because it is extremely difficult to hit the price point customers are willing to pay while also keeping the hardware up to quality standards. Make sure you’re doing a good amount of testing and continue to improve on your cart hardwear. Nothing is more disappointing than paying 45-100 dollars on a product that is broken before use.  

Adult Proof Packaging

Packaging is one of the biggest decisions that a cannabis business must consider when launching a new product. Cannabis customers hate dealing with packaging that must be destroyed in order to get to the product. Making sure your packaging is difficult for children is great, but there must be a balance between enhancing the quality of the customer experience and adding a layer of protection from the contents of the container. Empower your customer to practice best practices and keep their cannabis locked away from children. 

Final Thoughts

Cannabis customers are all different, but they have a lot in common when it comes to their expectations and quality standards. If you want to increase the profitability of your dispensary, then you must focus time, energy, and resources on customer experience online and offline. Positive vibes spread like wildfire. Your customers will organically praise your efforts to make their lives easier. 

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