5 CBD Niches Brands Should Target

CBD Niche 

There are a variety of audiences to target within the CBD and Hemp market. Dagga has provided 5 CBD niche examples any startup brand can target and produce for. Established companies seeking to introduce new products can target these 5 different niches as well to expand their market. These niches will help strengthen CBD brands and help them deliver CBD products to the corresponding target audience. 

What is a Niche

A Niche is a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service. The most successful CBD brands understand exactly who they create products for, and the top 10% know how to market their products to their target audience. Market research cannot be skipped when a new brand is being established. A key element to consider when selecting a niche to target, is to develop customer personas or profiles. Where does this customer shop? What do they look like? What are their interests? What is their demographic profile? Let’s discuss 5 CBD niches examples that will help your CBD brand stand out from the pack. 

Alternative medicine

The world is becoming more health conscious every year. Hundreds of holistic healers and wellness gurus are helping people online to become a healthier version of themselves. New diets, supplements, and remedies are becoming popular as an alternative to traditional western pharmaceutical medication. These individuals are in search of actually treating their elements directly as opposed to using pills to fix symptoms. CBD is the fastest growing supplement in the world because of all of its medical benefits. The health junkies are the perfect group to market your CBD brands products too. There are many different customer profiles that fall under this niche. This audience is likely to want all natural, sugar free, and gluten free products. Oral and topicals are the preferred methods of delivery for medically focused CBD shoppers. 

Customer Archetypes 

  • Elderly patients who are looking to treat the symptoms of old age.
  • Patients looking to improve mental health.
  • Patients looking for relief from chronic conditions like chrones,cancer, diabetes, MS, and more. 
  • Health and wellness coaches looking to better improve the lives of others.
  • Holistic health care providers who care about their patients more than monetary incentives from huge organizations. 
  • Self care services such as massage and spa.
  • Meditation coaches looking to help people with improving mental health. 
  • Holistic retailers providing products to health enthusiasts. 

Fitness and Athletics 

CBD producers and retailers often understand that cannabidiol (CBD) is a powerful inflammation killer, but athletes are starting to hop on the CBD waive. Sports medicine has evolved over the last 10 years, and now major sports leagues like the National Football League (NFL) are starting to invest in the research. The NFL invested 1 million dollars this year in Cannabis and CBD research. CBD brands should consider choosing fitness as a niche, because CBD is a huge need within the athletic space. Athletes are likely to purchase products with oral and topical delivery. Similarly to the alternative medicine niche, the fitness audience will likely want all natural, sugar free, and gluten free products.

Customer Archetypes 

  • Pro athletes looking for pain and muscle relief. 
  • Fitness coaches are interested in offering products to clients.
  • Gym services looking to offer products to members.
  • Yoga studios might want to offer unique products to stand out from competition. 
  • Bodybuilders looking for pain and inflammation relief. 
  • Fitness influencers seeking to promote CBD products to their audience 
  • Sports goods retailers who provide all sports based products looking to add more skus. 

Sex Industry 

This is a small, yet powerful niche for CBD brands to market too. The Sex toy industry is on the rise. CBD infused sex lube, sex enhancers, sex message oils, and after sex treament like subpositories are starting to ride the sex toy trend. Advertising to the sex accessory market is a golden oppertunity to get a new variety of CBD customers. Acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community and growing interest among women toward experimenting with sexual wellness products without hesitation is promoting the adoption of such products and hence, driving the market growth. Liberalization, penetration of social media, and the influence of pop culture have resulted in increasing awareness about the importance of sexual health. 

Customer Archetypes 

  • Sex influacers and online superstars looking to promote brands to their audiance, or add to their spicy content. 
  • Sex teachers and theripiest are proffessanls who have interest in bettering others sexual health. 
  • Sex retailers looking to provied the hottest sex prodcuts. 
  • LGBT community looking for sexual health products. 
  • All adults 18+ looking to turn up the heat. 

Pets Lovers 

Dogs and Cats have an endocannabinoid system just like humans, so CBD can be used as a medicine for them as well. As dogs and cats get older they start to have health problems like arthritis, joint pain, anxiety, and dementia. CBD can help treat the symptoms of old age for pets and make them more comfortable at the end of their life. Young pets can also benefit from CBD if they have underlying conditions. Some pet owners are looking for a solution to calm their animal down. CBD is known for helping hyper pets chill out. Pets can ingest CBD treats or oil. CBD shampoo is also a product that pet lovers use for their animals. 

Customer Archetypes 

  • Pet owners seek pain relief for their pets. 
  • Pet owners looking to calm their pets down.
  • Pet supplies retailers aim to provide a variety of pet products. 
  • Vets and pet doctors looking to treat animales medical problems. 
  • Shelter and rescue facilities seeking pet medicine.

Skincare and cosmetics 

The global CBD skin care market size was valued at USD 698.9 million in 2019 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 27.8% from 2020 to 2025. The market is majorly driven by growing awareness with respect to the benefits of CBD infused personal care products. Cosmetics is a niche market that CBD brands should consider to target because the ceiling may be higher than most CBD niches. There is an increasing demand for natural cosmetic alternatives. CBD is the perfect match for the beauty business. 

Customer Archetypes 

  • Cosmetic retailers seeking natural alternatives 
  • Dermatologist using CBD skincare products to treat patients in need. 
  • Beauty service providers integrating CBD into their services. 
  • Skincare and cosmetic Influencers are promoting CBD product options to their audience. 

Final Thoughts 

CBD brands and producers should conduct market research on all five of the CBD niches described above. These are amazing opportunities for brands to connect with new audiences because of digital technology. The key for CBD companies to remain successful is to understand their target audience by collecting data through market research. Email marketing and social media campaigns can be created primarily to conduct market experiments like A and B testing, survarys, and feedback in order to collect market data. It can be a challenge to run these digital marketing strategies because of strict CBD compliance regulations. Consider leveraging an agency that specializes in cannabis online compliance to help navigate CBD regulations on digital platforms.