6 Cannabis Metaverse Marketing Strategies

As technology advances, cannabis brands will have to grow with it. Like it or not, NFTs and blockchain are here to stay. Web3 is a seedling that has just started to sprout cotyledon, but the fruit that it yields will be worth trillions. If your goal is to grow your business online, then let’s take it to the next level. Here are six Meta-Marketing strategies your cannabis company should focus on.  

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5 Ways Cannabis Brands Can Use NFTs In 2023

Blockchain technology is changing our society as we know it, and I encourage you to see the forest for the weed. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are starting to impact how brands communicate their stories to their audience. The internet currently functions like a sponge – trading consumer data for services. The new internet will be different because it focuses on relationships and community. The new system is decentralized and powered by the people. There is no central financial dictator pulling all the strings. The new structure could benefit the cannabis industry in many ways. Dagga has come up with 5 ways blockchain can be integrated with the cannabis industry. 

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Cannabis SEO: Ultimate Organic Marketing Guide

The cannabis industry is becoming very competitive in states that have established marijuana programs. Brands have to create and grow their online presence to outshine the competition. Cannabis marketers should focus on search engine optimization – it’s an effective strategy that will increase online visibility, drive quality leads to your website or storefront, and increase website conversion rates. SEO is completely organic – meaning you can generate traffic over time without spending money on advertising.

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How To Navigate High THC Demand

Every mammal on earth has an ECS system that regulates homeostasis in our bodies. The Endocannabinoid system is the reason for cannabis psychoactive effects and medical benefits. Consumers are missing out on essential micro cannabinoids that enhance the entourage effect. 

For example CBN helps patients to stay asleep longer –  strains that have a good blend of CBD, THC, and CBN will most likely help the user to fall asleep easier, and stay asleep longer. Isolating only individual compounds might make strains less effective at treating certain medical conditions. 

Breeders hunt for high THC characteristics when they are creating cultivars because of the high demand. Cannabis and hemp have a resin cap. For instance If 35% of the resin contents is THC then the other cannabinoids and terpenes will be in smaller amounts.

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