How to Post Cannabis Products on Social Media Without Getting Flagged

If you’re a cannabis marketer, manager, or owner you’re probably wondering why your Instagram and Facebook posts keep getting flagged, but your competition seems to be breaking the rules often. It is recommended that you don’t post cannabis products on Meta platforms at all to make sure your account status is not compromised.


Top Minority Cannabis Business Communities

Black entrepreneurs make up less than 2 percent of the legal cannabis industry. The foundation of this growing industry was built on mass incarceration of black people during the days of cannabis prohibition and the war on drugs. Black entrepreneurs are starting to support each other in order to create a path of opportunity for other black cannabis business owners. Let’s dive into some of the top organizations that provide a community space for black businesses.


Cannabis Brands Shouldn’t Waste Their Time With Tiktok   

Cannabis brands shouldn’t waste their time or resources on TikTok marketing. Short from video is king and TikTok gives content creators the highest chance to go viral; however, with cannabis visibility, censorship, and compliance challenges it just makes more sense to focus on other digital marketing channels that will actually drive sales and build connections with customers.


How To Kill Your Cannabis Business’s Growth Online.

Brand optimization can be confusing to understand yet alone implement for cannabis companies. It takes digital marketing experts who are skilled in using online channels to impact a company’s growth. If your in house team lacks the experience, use this guide as a resource in order to have a better understanding of what not to do online. There are many different online e strategies that can help promote revenue growth for a cannabis brand; however, there are many ways to fail and flush cash down the drain. Learn how cannabis brands hurt their online presence, so you don’t make the same critical mistakes.